Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Sunny sailing continues! Today we had perfect conditions for whale watching, lots of sunshine and flat sea. The star of the day was, again, our dear old friend, Depill, a humpback whale that we know very well from previous years as well. He was doing short dives and showing the beautiful fluke to us again and again which of course was just perfect for us. At one point, we thought we had two humpback whales together but it was maybe just Depill doing double fluke ups since we did not actually see a second whale later on. Some things remain a mystery as we can’t see what is happening under water ! On the morning tours we also saw Northern bottlenose whales close to the harbor. They always manage to surprise us completely and pop up when we least expect it. It is always exciting to spot these uncommon visitors in the fjord and we wonder how long they will still stay around.

Today’s departures CLASSIC 9, 13, 17 EXPRESS 10, 12, 16

Photos by Barbara Hintermayer and Rodrigo A. Martinez Catalan
Text by Viivi Pöyhönen

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

SUN SUN SUN and BLUE SKY with no wind awaited us in the fjord. Perfect whale watching conditions, sunny faces and lovely whales were the underlying themes of every tour. We got to see the Northern Bottlenose Whales and two Humpback Whales. The individuals were Depill and one new one known as Cogsworth because it was coming up like a clock every 6 minutes, feeding all around the boat. We could see its white flippers and full body underneath the water surface, turned of the engine and kind of breathed in unison. The well known calm Eyjafjord days are back!

Departures today: CLASSIC 9, 13 & 17; EXPRESS 10 & 12

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth

Monday, 19 August 2019

Oh you Northern Bottlenose Whales, you are really mysterious and fascinating creatures! Why the pod of 5-6 individuals is still spending time in the port, we do not know, but we certainly adore them. It is always a bit of luck whether we see them on every tour or not, but today we managed to encounter them on most of our tours and got as close on the RIBs as we have probably never been before. We had a great encounter and moved further out into the fjord where we had the pleasure of finding two humpback whales, one being our beloved Depill. To sum it up, whales and sun make a fun day!

Departures today: CLASSIC 9, 13 & 17; EXPRESS 10 & 12

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth

Sunday, 18 August 2019

A rainy day full of rainbows in Eyjafjordur ! The day started off with a total surprise right in the harbour: Northern bottlenose whales! There were 5-6 individuals really close to the harbor where you could even see them from land. They didn´t however stay at the surface for a long time and as we know by know from having them in the fjord since the past week, they are very unpredictible in terms of diving duration. In the afternoon, we saw a small humpback whale, a fairly new individual to Eyjafjordur that has yet to be named. It was veeeery tricky to keep up with this one. It was sneaking up on us, appearing out of nowhere without us even seeing a blow first. It also went for longer dives but not showing us the fluke or even curving its back, making it tricky for us to follow along. On the last tour, in addition to this small humpback, we also had the great pleasure of seeing the current star of our whale watching tours, Depill, a humpback whale we have been seeing again and a again for the past few summers. All in all a very interesting day to sail the fjord!

Departures today: Classic 9, 13 and 17 Express: 10

Text by Viivi Pöyhönen and pictures by Rodrigo A. Martinez Catalan

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Another rainy day in the ocean, and another great day of sightings again. Despite the rain, we managed to find our loving Depill once again, a famous Humpback whale who keeps coming back every summer to our fjord. During the whole tour we have been enjoying Depill appearances, since this whale has been constantly surfacing close to our boats, delighting our passengers with its presence and showing us its beautiful fluke. We are so happy that Depill decided to come back, so we can have very good encounters every day!

Departures today: Classic 9, 13 & 17 / Express 10

Text by Albert Camara; pictures by Ewa Malinowska

Friday, 16 August 2019

Today we started our tours with the sun shinning and calm seas, but you know how unpredictable the weather is in Iceland… after a couple of hours it started to rain! But during all of our tours today we could enjoy the company of our beloved Humpback whales. Today we found them more or less in the same area than the last couple of days, right on the south of Grenivik. We have spend most of the tours with the same 2 whales, and they look very busy feeding, since they were diving for very long time. Despite that, we managed to have very good encounters. We love our whales in Eyarfjordur!

Departures today: Classic 9, 13 and 17; Express 10, 14 and 16

Text by Albert Camara and pictures by Ewa Malinowska

Thursday, 15 August 2019

A wonderful day out on the fjord. In the morning we had a few showers but by the afternoon the sun was shining brightly. Just moments after leaving harbour on all our tours today we were already seeing some marvelous cetaceans. The pilot whales are a uniquely shaped cetaceans with long pectoral fins, big bulbous heads and large back bodies. Despite being called whales, pilot whales are actually dolphins and live in groups called pods which are led by a female matriarch. In addition to the amazing pilot whales, humpback whales were also seen on the tours who delighted us with some wonderful surfacing and some beautiful tail flukes. A fantastic day to be sailing on the fjord.

Text by Tess Hudson

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Today was rainy and cloudy, but the cold weather we are getting in the fjord last days it´s been really good in term of food availability. The fjord is literally exploding with life and cetaceans are not an exception. Apart from our famous pod of 20-30 pilot whales within the harbour, which has been around us for 2 days, we have rediscovered the pod of 5-6 northern bottlenose whales just outside of Akureyri. But that wasn´t all, humpback whales are making their comeback inside the fjord and we have spotted at least 2 of them heading south, and one of them is a well-known individual: “Right Hook”, a super-star during winter time. Despite the cold and the rain, it´s an excellent time to enjoy these beauties.

Departures: Classic 9, 13 and 17 Express 10, 12, 14 and 16

Text and pictures by Rodrigo A. Martinez Catalan

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

We had a very windy day but luckily not as much rain as yesterday. Our passengers did get a bit of a taste of the Icelandic roller coaster due to the swells. During our first tour we encountered the same group of pilot whales as yesterday. They seem to be doing good and it looks like they are here to find food, but we hope they will stay away from the shallow areas. We also encountered the group of northern bottlenose whales again, so they are still in the fjord as well. During our 13h tour we traveled further north and found a humpback whale close to the island of Hrisey and it was spotted again late in the evening near Hjlateyri, identified as “right hook” due to its characteristic pigmentation . So a day with many different species today and it seems that Eyjafjordur is filling with whales again.

Departures: Classic 9, 13, 17 and Express 8, 10, 12, 16, 20

Text Anouk de Plaa and pictures by Rodrigo A. Martinez Catalan

Monday, 12 August 2019

Due to weather conditions, all the rib tours and the classic tour at 9 where cancelled. We went out in the afternoon though and had a very unexpected encounter in the small bay in front of Akureyri. There was a group of 30 to 40 pilot whales. The first and only time we have seen them before, was last year. Pilot whales are the second largest dolphin species, they can grow up to 6 meters. Pilot whales however, are a species that belongs in waters that are a lot deeper because their normal prey are deep living species. The area in front of Akureyri is very shallow. So we hope this group is doing ok and we keep an eye on them. Despite of it being really nice to see them, we do hope they will leave our fjord again soon. Apart from them, we had a brief encounter as well with our loyal northern bottlenose whale, they are still staying in the same area but the sightings of this species was conspicuous and unpredictably but it’s good to see they are still among us in the fjord.

Today’s departures, 9, 13 and 17

Text by Anouk de Plaa and pictures by Rodrigo A. Martinez Catalan

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Today we sailed out with pretty rough weather conditions, the wind was very strong and there was a lot of rain. Pretty much everyone took one of our overalls and a number of people were brave enough to face the weather conditions. We spotted the northern bottle nose whales at the start of the tour, but unfortunately the animals went for a dive quickly and we did not manage to see them again for the duration of the tour. For this reason we decided to offer people complimentary tickets so they can try again for free in the coming 2 years. Due to weather conditions we decided to cancel the rib tours and also the classic tours for the rest of the day.

Text Anouk de Plaa

Saturday, 10 August 2019

What a windy day! The Arctic is still bringing to Eyjafjörður a lot of wind into the fjord but we are brave sailors and nothing can stop us. With the best of the spirits, we have been sailing and we had some ups and downs during the day. We were able to find again a pod of 4-5 northern bottlenose whales and the calf is still within the group, awaking some awhes among our passengers. Unfortunately, the sightings with this species were a bit random so we offered complimentary tickets to our passengers. But without any doubts, it was an incredible experience to be next to this species, a rare visitor in the fjord.

Departures: Classic 9, 13 and 17

Text and pictures by Rodrigo A. Martinez Catalan

Friday, 09 August 2019

Today we did not have the nicest summer weather, very cloudy, windy and rainy and unfortunately very very cold. Because of these conditions we decided to cancel our rib tours. However, on the classic tours our passengers were very brave, during all three tours a lot of people spend the entire tour outside with a little help from out overalls. Unfortunately we did not spot any whales or dolphins during our 9 and 17 tour. So on these tours we offered complimentary tickets. With these tickets people can try again for free in the next two years.
During the 13h tour we got lucky very soon after departing from Akureyri, after only 10 minutes of sailing we encountered a group of 5 northern bottlenose whales. We had a group of these whales in the fjord last year but yesterday was the first time in 2019 that we encountered this species. We were very lucky that the animals came to the surface regularly because this species can actually hold their breath for up to 2 hours!!

Departures: Classic 9, 12 and 17

Text Anouk de Plaa and pictures by Rodrigo A. Martinez Catalan

Thursday, 8 August 2019

When they say that Iceland is a windy place, well they are completely right. Today we had to face strong northerlies which were blowing through the fjord. The day has been quite productive in terms of birdlife as we have seen a lot of fulmars gliding in between the waves effortlessly, kittiwakes, eider ducks, arctic skuas and some northern divers. Apart from them, we got surprised early in the morning by a pod of 5-6 northern bottlenose whales but they were very unpredictable and difficult to follow. Even though we tried to spot them several occasions, we couldn´t follow them properly so we offered complimentary tickets to our passengers. Let’s hope that next days the fjord will bring more joy and great tours.

Departures today: CLASSIC 9 &13 EXPRESS 10

Text and pics by Rodrigo A. Martinez Catalan

Wednesday, 07 August 2019

Stormy seas and sun awaited us in the fjord today. We sailed out both from Akureyri and Dalvik to ensure we would not oversea any cetaceans swimming around in the fjord or at the entrance of it. We had an interesting day out there with very different results on every tour. In the morning we saw one humpback whale, in the afternoon cetaceans did not make an appearance and in the evening we counted about 10 individuals! Absolutely fascinating how different wildlife can be. Hopefully these humpbacks will all move into the fjord very soon.

Departures today: CLASSIC 9, 13, 17 & 20:30 EXPRESS 10 & 12

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth

Tuesday, 06 August 2019

Today we sailed out from Dalvik in sunny conditions, but because there was quite a bit of wind so we did have a bit of a bumpy ride. Luckily on the way back we had the wind in our backs and the sun in our faces, which made the ride home a lot more enjoyable.
During the first tour we came passed big groups of white beaked dolphins, there were a lot of juveniles in the group and they were putting up a show jumping around. On top of that we even found three humpback whales that were swimming together and came very close to the boat. During the other tours we also encountered big groups of acrobatic white beaked dolphins splashing and jumping around and one humpback whale that was a bit more shy and went for long dives.

Text Anouk de Plaa and pictures by Babsi Neubarth

Monday, 05 August 2019

This week we started with a splash! Morning tours were departing from Dalvik, where by the northern side of island Hrisey we found many pods of white-beaked dolphins. In the morning all we could see around were their dorsal fins and splashes made by jumping ones. They were trying their best to catch all our attention but without success - we also found a humpback whale. Twice during classic whale watching tour and at express ones, we found same individual of a humpback whale. In the morning we had very close encounter with whale swimming next to us, and in the afternoon same whale was performing some tail-slapping. Our 5 PM tour started from Akureyri but also made it all the way to the North of the fjord where we also came across several humpback whales while focusing on one of them that we followed for a while. At the same time we could see different groups of dolphins everywhere around us. Most of them were further away from us but on the end we also got a nice look at the white-beaked dolphins coming close to us and jumping! Perfect beginning of a new week!

Text and pictures by Ewa Malinowska

Departures today: Classic 9:00, 13:00 & 17:00; Express 10:00 & 12:00

Sunday, 04 August 2019

We had a lovely day today in Ejyafjörður, there was almost no wind, the sea was calm and the sun was doing its best to fight its way through the clouds. It was still pretty cold though, it is no as warm anymore as the last few days. Our tours at 8:00 and 12:00 departed from the harbour of Akureyri. In the morning we saw several small groups of harbour porpoises and also a minke whale. We were able to spend some time with the minke before it was time for us to head back to port. In the afternoon we tried to find the minke whale again but did not see it again. On our search we again saw harbour porpoises very well and also a harbour seal that was poking its head above the water surface and looking at us very curiously! Since we did not see whales or dolphins on this tour we offered everyone on board a complimentary ticket to join another one of our tours for free. These tickets are valid for two years and can be used either here in Akureyri or with our sister company Elding in Reykjavik. In order to search different areas for cetaceans, our 9:00, 13:00 and evening tours departed from Dalvik, a small village further North along the fjord. Those areas seem a bit more fertile at the moment and we could enjoy an amazing encounter with many humpback whales and white-beaked dolphins!

Text and pictures by Hanna Michel & Barbara Hintermayer

Departures today: Classic 8:00, 9:00, 12:00, 13:00, 17:00 & 20:30; Express 8:00, 10:00, 12:00 & 16:00

Saturday, 03 August 2019

What a foggy day! The fjord woke up covered by a veil of mystery as a thick mist was present the first hours of the day. Nonetheless, it cleared up later on and we had some nice sightings as small pods of harbour porpoises popped up but white-beaked dolphins were the main attraction as they surrounded our boat several times. In one of our endeavors, we reached the end of the fjord and we spotted one humpback whale as well. But definitely, landscape was breathtaking and we enjoyed incredible sea conditions today.

Text by Rodrigo A. Martinez Catalan and photos by Albert Camara Balestegui

Departures today: Classic: 09:00, 13:00, 17:00 Express: 10:00, 12:00 & 16:00

Friday, 02 August 2019

We had a great day today going out from the harbour of Akureyri in the morning with a lot of fog everywhere but absolutely no winds which is more important for us - no winds, no waves. After a little more than one hour of sailing we came across our first humpback whale of the day! It was an individual with a almost completely white underside of the tail. We spent some time with it before moving on and soon encountered two more humpback whales, one of them known as “Giljagaur” which was first seen here in the fjord in 2016. It was traveling with another humpback that we have not seen before on our tours. In the afternoon we saw two of the humpback whales again and saw the blow of a third whale. However, after heading over to the area we never saw that animal - that is nature! On the other hand, we got to see some harbour porpoises while we were looking for that humpback whale that never showed up! Awesome day, with the sun coming out in the afternoon and great conditions for a boat ride!

Text and photos by Hanna Michel

Departures today: Classic: 09:00, 13:00, 17:00 & 20:30 Express: 10:00