Tuesday, 1 January 2019

New Year, new adventures! We started the year at Whale Watching Akureyri the best way we know: spotting wildlife in our amazing Eyjafjordur. Even before the tour we had the presence of three Northern Bottlenose whales in the harbour right beside our boat Holmasol. It was incredible to have these animals so close to the shore, so close to us. Once the tour started, we encountered 3 Humpback whales swimming and feeding together, just a few hundred meters away from our departure point. We spent some time with them until we decided to proceed our way. We arrived to Hjalteri without seeing any other cetaceans, but on our way back we spotted a solitary Northern Bottlenose whale, and a pod of around 10 Harbour porpoises. The solitaire bottlenose whale was an individual that we have spotted previously, and that unfortunately shows signs of being in a quite weak and bad condition: it is extremelly slim, all the bones from the thorax are visible, and the head shows the so-called “peanut shape” that is usually synonim of a reduced feeding and/or illnes. We wll hope for the best for this whale!

Pictures and text by Alberto Alejandro