Minke Whale (Balaenoptera Acutorostrata)

Hrefna, Zwergwal, Petit rorqual, Vikval, Lahtivalas, Balenottera rostrata

Iceland is one of the best locations to see Minke Whales as they are the most common whale around the island. Seeing them feeding on the small schooling fish with usually hundreds of thousands of seabirds is one of those must see experiences. The younger individuals tend to be very curious too and come and investigate the boats.

Unfortunately they have been hunted in Iceland and the bay where we operate since 2003 so if you would like to help stop the whaling in Iceland please do not eat whale meat while visiting. Since 2007 we have participated in extensive researches on Minke whales in the area that indicate that the whaling can have a dramatic effect on whale watching in the future. Read more about the anti-whaling campaign "Meet us, don't eat us" here.

Seen occasionally in Eyjafjörður/Akureyri from April-September - last seen in Sept 2017.