Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Three tours, three different experiences for us and our guests today. In the morning we saw plenty of whales, resting and surfacing right next to the boat, in the afternoon the humpback whales were a bit more elusive, but still, we had an excellent tour. The evening tour as it turned out should top everything that we had witnessed over the day and maybe even over the last weeks. Humpback whales a plenty were busy bubble net feeding for over two hours. First, we could always see the water surface bubbling in bright turquoise and then one, two and on some occasions even three wide open jaws coming up. Breathtaking for everyone on board and it got even better when one whale appeared centimetres literarily in front of us, surfacing slowly as if it was checking our boat out. What an incredible and stunning day today.
Pictures by Babsi Neubarth and Manu Basssoi and text by Babsi Neubarth.