Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Today has been the day of changing winds here in the fjord. While it was considerably calm around Akureyri, the wind increased quite a bit the further we went out. We had decided to go closer to the island of Hrisey because we had heard that a lot of humpback whales were in the area. And it turned out to be true, first we encountered a group of 3 humpbacks before we saw at least the blows of 5 more individuals. However the swells had increased a lot so that we decided to stay with the group of 3. It was really nice to see even the humpbacks surfing the waves and coming up high out of the water in order to take a deep breath. That's when we realized that one of them was our mate Millennium Falcon, how great to see it again. When we returend we were sailing against the wind so that we moved in zigzags around the fjord to make the sailing more comfortable. Luckily we did because we found 4 more humpbacks on our way back, one of them was Frankenstein. A bit of a windy but still nice afternoon in Eyjafjördur.

Barbara Neubarth Pictures by Barbara Neubarth