Thursday, 6 October 2016

What a lovely day we had in Eyjafjördur today. In the morning it was still cloudy, but in the afternoon the sun came out and we could sail under considerably warm conditions with some wind blowing in the fjord. It was very nice to see many people wanting to go on a whale watching tour so we decided to go on two trips, one at 13:00 and another one at 15:30. On both tours we could enjoy humpbacks a plenty. Not too far away from Akureyri we found 6 individuals on one trip and at least 7 humpbacks on the later one. Dark Knight was still in the area and guaranteed very close encounters for all of us which can simply be described as stunning. Even though we could not find the whales travelling together, individuals like Needle or Reykja made sure we were basically surrounded by whales the whole time. A fantastic day with two tours and many humpbacks.

Barbara Neubarth Pictures by Barbara Neubarth