Sunday, 25 September 2016

After a day of neverending pouring down, we took a break from the rain today ! We still had to face cold and wind on our tour, but our protective overalls made sure to keep passengers warm and cosy. Anyway,it's not like we had to travel far away to find our friendly whales ! Consistent with the past week and a half, we found humpback whales only after half an hour of sailing, and they kept us busy for a while ! We met again our 6 regulars (Dark Knight, Athos, Porthos, Aramis, D'Artagnan and King Louis), and we were thrilled to see two less familiar faces. There was Needle, a humpback we saw only once before this summer, and Montague, another whale that we saw a few times earlier in the month. The most fascinating part of our whale watching today was to witness how the composition of the groups changed. Needle and Montague seemed to be solitary, while the Four Muskeeters, King Louis and Dark Knight were packed together for most of the day. But at some point Dark Knight left the group and paired with Needle for a while, before coming back again to the group. This whale moves quite freely compared to the others, joining and leaving groups randomly. This humpie is like the wind ! It's better not to get too attached if you don't want to end heartbroken. Spending quality time with those cetaceans definitely helped us forgetting about the freezing temperatures in Eyjafjordur on this Sunday !

  • Guillaume Calcagni

  • Picture by Guillaume Calcagni