WEDNESDAY, 21 September 2016

The sun was shining and the sea beautifully flat as we set sail out onto the fjord today. We didn't have to wait very long today before catching our fist look at the amazing humpback whales. Drama unfolded before our eyes as the individuals we had been watching the last few days the four musketeers, seemed to have split into two different groups. During the morning tour we watched two groups of three whales. The Dark knight, Porthos and D'Artagnan travelling together in one group and Amaris, Athos and the new individual in the other. They surfaced many times travelling fast and a long way under the waters surface. Twice a whale suddenly leaped out of the water coming down with an almighty crash. But as it was so unexpected no one quite had there cameras ready to capture the moment however, it will remain perfectly in our minds. The afternoon tour, held on our larger boat Hafsulan was a heart pumping tour, the whales had seemed to have joined up once again and were now travelling in a large pod of 6 whales! The Dark Knight then separated from the group and gave us quite a show, this rather large animal breached out of the water! Once, twice, thrice and continued to do so. It then raised its mighty fluke into the air and slapped in down on the waters surface again and again, it then decided to give us a wave of its majestic pectoral fins before having a few breaths then went for a deeper dive. Only to launch itself back out of the water in a gravity defying leap!!! After a few more breaches some tail lobbing and more pectoral slapping it was time to head back to harbour. Such as fantastic way to end my last day out on the fjord.

  • Tess Hudson

  • Picture by Guillaume Calcagni