Thursday, 22 September 2016

Only one word can describe our only tour of the day: epic ! Despite a pessimistic weather forecast, we decided to try our luck in the fjord as the sea conditions were looking quite good. We jumped in our RIB boat and took our passengers to the East side of Hjalteyri where we have been seeing our dear humpbacks lately. Suddenly the sea seemed to wake up, and it was in a bad mood. We were soon surrounded by tall waves, forcing us to slow down. Despite the talented sailing of our captain, on several occasion our boat dove into the waves, soaking us wet ! This brutal blessing from the North Atlantic Ocean did not make our passenger falter, we clenched our fist and made it to the whales anyway. There we found again the Four Musketeers, this group of 4 humpbacks sticking together. We got exciting close encounters with them, and every sighting was made more dramatic with all the water splashes from the waves and the wind flying around us. At some point we estimated that everybody was shaken and drenched enough, so it was out of question to do the way back by boat and we took everybody on land in Hjalteyri. In a nice bonus of wildlife, we could quickly befriend some chickens that greeted us on the dock. After few minutes of waiting and drying, cars came to pick us up and drove back to Akureyri. What a ride ! It was a rough but pretty exciting tour, clealry Viking material !

  • Guillaume Calcagni

  • Picture by Guillaume Calcagni