Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Snow had fallen last night on mountains giving us a wonderful picturesque landscape as we sailed out into the fjord. It was slightly chilly and overcast but this made spotting the whales on the beautiful flat sea all the easier. It only took us about 30 minutes before we could see the humpbacks amazing large blow and black backs popping up from the waters surface. Today we spotted 6 humpback whales all travelling together! Three of which went down for deep dives all in synchrony many times. It was fantastic to watch all these amazing animals surface so close together and so many times only going for 4 minute dives on average. We spotted our four Musketeer's including; "Athos", "Porthos", "Aramis" & "D'Artagnan" as well as our old favourite the "dark knight" and the new individual whose yet to be named. What a wonderful day to be out on the water!

  • Tess Hudson

  • Picture by Tess Hudson