Monday, 19 September 2016

The day started off rather windy and rainy however, this did not affect the whales at all! We didn't have to wait long at all before we caught our first glimpse of these wonderful animals in the distance. Their large beautiful blows shooting up from the waters surface. We spotted a group of four and another two over a kilometre away. Once closer we watched these wonderful animals surface numerous times and were able to identify the four animals travelling together as our four musketeers "Athos", "Porthos", "Aramis" & "D'Artagnan". While the two travelling together were the "dark knight" and a new individual. On the afternoon tour, held on our fast speed boats, the wind had died down and even the sun came out to play. We spotted the same four travelling together while occasionally dark knight or the new individual would join them making a group of 5 whales! These animals shocked us a few times by surfacing many times really close to the boat! Once close enough you could almost touch it! So amazing when our engines were off and we were just floating with the currents.

  • Tess Hudson

  • Picture by Guillaume Calcagni