Thursday, 15 June 2016

Text and Pictures by Megan Whittaker

The clouds came in today and threatened rain but most of the day it kept dry but chilly. Everyone stayed warm in the warm overalls. It was easy to find the Eyjafjord humpbacks this morning, just by Hörgádalur was found at least 7 individuals, 3 pairs and one individual. Amongst the individuals we saw Tattoo, Arnar, Manu, Fjall and Mystery. They were all feeding and with the abundance of food around they obviously where having a good munch. They didn´t really move much from the area throughout the day, enjoying the food. It´s always amazing to see how these humpbacks interact with each other, on the end tour, Tattoo and Arnar were feeding and then Mystery came to join in and three of them were almost touching as they feed together. An amazing day!

Birds seen today included: Black headed gull, black-backed gull, common guillmot, red-breasted merganser, red throated diver, arctic terns, northern fulmars, northern gannets, arctic skuas, pomarine skua, great skua, greylag geese, eider ducks, cormorants.