Wednesday, 14 June 2017

In the morning there was no wind, and the sea was amazingly flat. We sailed up to the north, and all onboard could appreciate the beautiful landscape of the Eyjafjördur. After spending some time searching, we finally found a humpback whale, which was showing its fluke many times for the enjoyment of all. We left this whale and could find more humpbacks with similar behaviour. It was a lovely morning as many passengers could spot the difference of the underneath colour patterns of the flukes, which we use to identify the animals individually. For Eyjafjördur we have already about 170 humpbacks identified. In the afternoon, Northern of Hjalteyri we met five humpbacks. There were a group of three and two animals, but they were leaving and getting together many times,  but at the end, just one whale called Karo started breaching time after time - no stopping! The whale was also raising its flipper out of the water and slapped many times.  No more words to describe today, just astounding!

Photographs and text by Manu Bassoi.