Friday, 16 June 2017

Text  by Manu Bassoi an Photo´s by Manu Bassoi and Megan Whittaker
Eyjafjördur today was fantastic with beautiful weather and flat seas. When we were looking out the whales in the morning tours, we spotted about six to eight humpbacks just ten minutes after leaving Akureyri. The animals were showing the flukes several times, and the pictures were marvellous with such amazing sea. The well-known humpbacks ´Tattoo´ and ´Dark Night´ were swimming together today. In the afternoon tour, there were many humpback whales in different sites, but all them in the same area just a few minutes after sailing north from Akureyri. A small pod of 3-4 harbour porpoises also showed up but shy as they can sometimes be. During the evening tours the rain came to refresh us, but as the whales are not worried about been wet, they were all there again. We could enjoy a group of four humpbacks diving together with all the flukes "waving us" at the same time. An enjoyable and pleasant day. Other individuals seen today were ´Arnar´, ´Manu´, ´Mystery´, ´Fjall´, and a few others that are still to be matched. 
Bird´s seen on today´s tours include: Arctic terns. arctic skuas, fulmars, black-headed gulls, black-backed gulls, swans, greylag geese with goslings, eider ducks with ducklings.