Monday, 08 May 2017

We couldn't count on it, but of course we were wishing and hoping that yesterday's feeding frenzy would continue today and make our tours as unforgettable as the ones yesterday. Well, we can only say they absolutely did with humpback whales opening their jaws wide only a few meters next to us. In the morning we once more had to face the fog, but nevertheless found the two humpback whales we had already seen yesterday. They were still or again feeding which was simply a breathtaking experience. Overall we saw 4 humpbacks whales on this tour which were a bit further out. On the afternoon tour we didn't have to search long to see a big splash caused by a tail lobbing humpback. This individual was also busy feeding and showed us many behaviours so that we justed stayed there, turned of the engines and enjoyed. Another marvelous day in Eyjafjördur.

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth