Tuesday, 9 May 2017

At first, we sailed towards the area that we have seen whales in the previous day, and one Humpback whale was spotted. There was a moment when the boat was completely stopped, no engines, just waiting for its next appearance when the whale suddenly appeared close to the boat and surprised us all. It was a great moment. In the afternoon, sailing was smooth but progressively became windy as we sailed northern. However, it was not a problem to meet our first whale, a Humpback. We searched the location from the previous sighting in the morning and the whale was then spotted moving very quickly. The Humpback was proving to be very hard to watch as it surfaced some distance away from the area it was first seen. We waited for some time and moved towards two Humpback whales that were not far away. The animals were moving slowly and showing the fluke many times, which was very appreciated by the passengers, and many beautiful photos were taken. On the way back, many long-tailed ducks were seen flying across the fjord, with fulmars and arctic terns also being seen throughout the trip. 

Photographs and text by Manu Bassoi