Sunday, 7 May 2017

What a fantastic feeding frenzy we were able to whitness this morning in the fog and under a bright blue sky in the afternoon. On our 9 am tour we had super calm seas and were sailing for only 10 minutes before we spotted our first feeding humpback whale. However, the fog was so thick that we could not see very far and eventually lost it, so we went further out and encountered two humpback whales which were feeding together very close by, simply a spectacular sight. We saw one other humpback in the distance, but just had too much fun with the two feeding whales to leave. Even after the fog got thicker and thicker, we were just stunnedby the magestic display of feeding behaviour. Luckily in the afternoon the fog had vanished and we were fortunate enough to encounter four humpback whales with our Rib boat. Again the two feeding whales were the stars of the show, we just had to return to the same spot, turn off the engines and enjoy a front row seat in a great nature display. One time the whales were swimming directly underneath the boat and were feeding only a few meters away. An unforgettable experience for everyone on board and we can definitely say that we just want more of these fantastic feeding frenzies in the fog.

Text by Babsi Neubarth and pictures by Manu Bassoi and Babsi