Saturday, 6 May 2017

The day started foggy in the morning but the sea was perfectly flat. We searched the location near Hjalteyri for some time and the Humpbacks were then spotted moving slowly. At the beginning, we saw two animals in different areas. We spent some time enjoying them and as soon as we left the area heading north we could encounter three more whales. A very lucky morning despite the fog. On the afternoon tour, we left the harbour very confident of finding whales as the morning was very successful for Humpback whales. We sailed towards Hjalteyri and two blows appeared on the horizon. The whales stayed in the same area surfacing several times together before going down for a few minutes. We stayed motionless waiting to see them again and spent some time watching them without moving our boat. At one point one whale just breached (jumped) high out of the water and slapped the water when coming down just in front of us which was met by gasps from everyone on board. Everyone was extremely happy and smiling as we headed back home. A marvellous day full of Humpback whales.