Sunday, 21 May 2017

This weekend surley is spoiling us with sublime conditions, mirror like sea, almost no wind and a bright blue sky. It just seems like the humpback whales want to add on to that and make a fantastic day just even a little bit better. We went on two tours today and on both tours we had great cetacean encounters. The humpback whales seemed to be really relaxed but also curious at the same time. A bit further out than yesterday, we got to spend time with a group of three whales that came so close to our boat Holmasol that we theoretically speaking almost could touch them. The very clear ocean topped it all by enabeling us to see the whole humpback whale underneath the water surface, its white flippers and the massive tail, a very impressive and stunning experience! We saw one more quite curious humpback in another part of the fjord who even spy hopped to check out the surroundings. What more can we say than how much we are enjoying Eyjafjördur, the weather and the fantastic wildlife at the moment.

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth