Saturday, 20 May 2017

Wonderful day in Eyjafjördur today: sunny, flat seas, and air temperature reaching 20 degrees celsius in the afternoon. Not a day to be missed, as the whales. There were 5 humpback whales, two groups of 2 and 3 animals, on our morning and afternoon tours. In the morning, on the RIB boat, it took us only 5 minutes to see our first group. The whales were more active and diving deeply for a long time, but we could spot the flukes sometimes. However, the second group was slightly less active, and we could enjoy them resting on the surface and blowing strongly. So nice to hear the blow of a whale. In the afternoon the whales were still in the same area. We were in the big boat, Hólmasól, and there was a moment that two humpbacks swam and surfaced directly next to us at the bow of the boat when we were just stopped waiting for their next appearance. All the passengers were amazed as they could see the long pectoral fins of the whales, a distinct characteristic of this species. Simply an amazing day in the Eyjafjördur. 

Pictures and text by Manu Bassoi.