Friday, 19 May 2017

A weather forecast of bright blue sky, no wind and mild temperatures for the weekend!? Bring it on Eyjafjördur, we are hoping for some magnificent whale watching days and what can we say, at least today has already been one of them. Right now we only have to sail half way to Hjaltery to find our beloved humpback whales. When we were looking out on the morning tour and we saw our first blow, we would have never guessed to find a total of six humpback whales to be surfacing together. They then split up in a group of four and two and we spent some impressive time with both groups and additionally came across a seventh humpback. The afternoon tour was almost as successful with a total of six whales and one harbour seal. Hopefully the weather will stay like this and the humpbacks will stay close to Akureyri so that we can have fabulous tours this weekend. Come and join us on tomorrow or on Sunday, we sure do want to share great cetacean encounters and wonderful adventures out in the fjord.

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth