Monday, 22 May 2017

The week started a bit chilly than the weekend, but the sea was still very good for sailing and searching for the whales and dolphins.  As soon as we passed Akureyri harbour we could see our first blow, a humpback whale. After this encounter, further north, another solitary humpback was spotted. We continued sailing towards Hjalteyri and two blows appeared on the horizon. 
While we were stopped and waiting for these whales, many harbour porpoises came near to the boat, which was a very exciting moment for all on the boat. During the afternoon tour, we started with a nice encounter with a minke whale. As we sailed northwards, the humpbacks were in the same area close to Hjalteyri surfacing and showing their flukes several times together, really synchronised. At one point one whale just breached high out of the water just in front of us, which was met by enthusiasm from everyone on board. Wonderful moment in the Eyjafjördur before heading back to Akureyri.

Text and pictures by Manu Bassoi.