Thursday, 6th April 2017

Text and Pictures by Megan Whittaker
Whale Watching at 11:00
We were looking forward to getting out on the waters again after the amazing tour on Monday. The weather was mostly good, rained slightly but just fine rain and there was not much wind, in some areas no wind at all with mirror calm waters. There were hundreds of long-tailed ducks in the fjord today, most i've ever seen on a tour before. Not as many harbour porpoises but the 5-10 we did see were pretty easy to photograph and we had a nice encounter from usually a shy species. We searched a very large area and even went further to the north-west, sea conditions giving us the opportunity today. Unfortunately no Eyjafjord humpbacks but we did find a sneaky minke whale on the way home that tested our patience, taking 15-19 minute dives in between surfaces. We only had time to see two surface sequences before heading home but the last surfaces were close to the boat and  everyone got to see. A very long tour but nice to be out on the water in Eyjafjörður.