Friday, 7 April 2017

Text and Pictures by Megan Whttaker
Whale Watching 11:00
It's always amazing in the fjord, so much to see even if the whales are not around. The weather was incredible, perfect whale spotting conditions. On our journey, 45 minutes after leaving the harbour a minke whale popped up 100 meters from us, We were waiting for it to surface again but we didn't see it for 20 minutes so we decided to leave,  go and look further out. We traveled up the west coast north and south down the east coast. We also found the occasional harbour porpoise, saw a mother and baby speeding away and once again hundreds of long-tailed ducks.. We were lucky to find the minke whale again on the way back and were able to watch it for a while. Got some nice pictures and a video that can be seen on our facebook page.  The grey clouds loomed over us and threatened rain for the whole tour but just the odd drop here and there we kept dry.