Monday, 3 April 2017

Pictures and Text by Megan Whittaker
Whale Watching at 12:30
There was no scheduled tours today but we had a group ask if we would be possible to go out and as we love to be on the water we could not say no. At 12:30 we left the harbour with our vessel Skruður and headed north. Plenty of birdlife to see and the landscape is always incredible as we travel up Iceland's longest fjord. Once again it was all the way to Hrísey to find cetaceans today, all seemed to be enjoying the calmer, sheltered western side of the island. There was another whale watching vessel out and so we radioed to see if they had seen anything, they had seen a humpback whale close to the harbour of Dalvik. It took us a little while to find it as we were not expecting it to be so close to the harbour. Literally just past the harbour walls in water depths of less that 20 meters. The whale seemed calm and just going around in circles, we guess just enjoying the company. We stopped the boat and just enjoyed watching the humpback, by doing this the whale felt comfortable and surfaced just 5 meters from us in quite a few occasions, circled us like it was giving us a curious look. It's always wonderful for a wild animal to come and say hello. On the way home we saw numerous harbour porpoises, over 20 at least. Birds seen included; eider ducks, long-tailed ducks, black-headed gulls, northern fulmars, black guillemots and one little auk.
An amazing day in Eyjafjörður.