Thursday, 9 February 2017

A nice calm day after the storm yesterday, Barely no wind and just a slight swell as we got closer to the mouth of the fjord. Once again it was a long tour, 4 hour sailing towards and around Hrísey (Island). Dorsal fins were spotted close to Hauganes on the west coast, first spotted through binoculars in the distance of at least a kilometre away.  The captain and passengers were told quickly but as soon as we turned the boat got closer thy could not be found again. At first it was thought they were white-beaked dolphins but afterwards I was not sure. We decided to travel to the areas a humpback whale wast see on our last tour (Saturday 4th, February) and the dolphins the day before. No luck unfortunately. Once around to the west coast of Hrísey a large pod of harbour porpoises were stopped, at least 20, 5 minutes later another pod of about 10. On the way back to harbour we stopped another 2 large pods of porpoises and must have seem at least between 40-50 altogether, making up for the lack of larger cetaceans. It was a nice tour in the end but still we gave out complimentary tickets as no whales or dolphins were sighted. 
-Text and Pictures by Megan Whittaker