Friday, 10 February 2017

Whale Watching: Another beautiful day sailing up Eyjafjörður (Island Fjord), sun was shining and with southerly winds we enjoyed the warmth north but felt the bitter winds when heading back to port. The sea birds ket us company, namely eider ducks, iceland gulls, glaucous gulls, guillemots, a red throated diver and a couple of northern fulmars. Harbour porpoises were again the only cetacean species seen today and as we didn't see any whales or dolphins we offered our passengers complimentary tickets to come again for free in the next two years. However, they still enjoyed the stunning landscape and beautiful skies, filled with patterns and colours. 

Northern Lights Cruise: A very bright evening, night before a full moon, at first it was quite cloudy but after a little while they started to break up and got some nice gaps to show the stars and planet Venus. It is also particularly amazing to see the sky field all lit up on the mountain behind the city of Akureyri. It took a long time for the northern lights to show, actually we were on our way back to port getting ready the complimentary tickets until suddenly a green hue started to appear over the west coast mountains. It got bright and even began dancing. Passengers were so happy and a couple were almost screaming with excitement. A wonderful end to our northern lights tour. Just to remember, be patient and never loose hope. 

Text and pictures by Megan Whittaker