Saturday, 4 February 2017

There were strong winds early this morning but the forecast said they were going to reduce for our tour and they did. The skies were constantly changed as the sun rose and set and the clouds displayed a beautiful array of shapes and colours. It was a nice pleasant sail north to the usual spot we have been seeing cetaceans the last few weekends and we didn´t have to go all around the island of Hrisey today because a humpback whale surfaced just east of the island. it surfaced 6-8 times before bringing its beautiful fluke above the water and going for a deep dive. It was very hard to keep track of the whale as it was travelling long distances during its dive and kept changing its direction too. Twice we were able to get close to it and right at the end as we were leaving for home it surfaced just 30 meters from the boat, you could follow it  just beneath the surface and we were in the prime spot to get that fluke pattern to identify the whale. This was a new individual to our catalog which was exciting. Nice to see that there were still some whales around. On the journey home we watched the beautiful sunset behind Hörgárdalur and the ocean became like a mirror reflecting the beautiful clouds as the winds died to nothing. A multicoloured tour with an awesome humpback. 

- Pictures and Text by Megan Whittaker