Friday, 3 February 2017

Today was just beautiful, woke up to a fresh layer of snow and a mirror calm ocean. A different setting from the previous day. Floating snow mounds provided birds with somewhere to rest on in the water. The travels are long the last few weekends, having to go all the way to Hrisey Island to see first signs of cetacean life. We were just north of the island when passengers pointed out a couple of white-beaked dolphins, they were playful at first, bow-riding the vessel and surfacing close. However, they soon got more elusive and difficult to follow. We left the area and travelled along the west part of the island and found some harbour porpoises, at least 10-15 individuals scattered along the coastline. All in all a very nice day but we were all wondering where the larger whales may be. 
Text and Pictures by Megan Whittaker