Thursday, 2 February 2017

Whale Watching:
Southerly winds today created a nice relaxing tour along the fjord to the north but felt much colder on the way home. The sun was strong, high and shining a beautiful warm winters glow of the high snow-capped mountains. Plentiful birdlife kept us busy, guillemots, razorbills, Iceland gulls, eider ducks and one tiny little auk, which is always wonderful to see. It was a long tour as we had to travel all the way and around Hrísey and saw the odd quick splashes from harbour porpoises but none that we could show our passengers well. The tour was beautiful and adventurous however, no whales or dolphins were encountered so we offered our passengers complimentary tickets in the hope they would have better luck next time. These tickets are for a free tour in Akureyri or Reykjavik within the next two years. 

Northern Lights:
Wonderful northern lights this evening, right from the very beginning they were bright and playful. Throughout the whole tour the skies clouded over and opened up and the aurora borealis faded in and out too. A beautiful northern lights cruise. Time-Lapse can be found on our Facebook

Pictures and Text by Megan Whittaker