Friday, 6 January 2017

Snowflakes were fluttering down as we sailed out into the fjord today, it was fairly cold but this just enabled us to use are lovely warm overalls. The mountains were thickly coated in a fresh morning snow giving us a spectacular view of the landscape. It took us a long time to search for the animals today as the swell was quite high due to the recent bad weather. After a long time of searching a few fins popped up and a few harbour porpoises surfaced very quickly before disappearing under the waves. The harbour porpoises are rather shy animals do its very hard to get a good look at them. However,To our shocking surprise a few more fins were spotted but these were much larger and far more robust. These animals which only very rarely visit the fjord are of course the white-beaked dolphin! These wonderfully playful animals put on quite a show, swimming from one side of the boat to the other coming up only a few meters away on many occasions. This was a very large pod of dolphins with up to 30 individuals including mothers with small calves.  We were able to watch these beautiful animals for quite sometime before heading back to Akureyri. What a very special day to be out on the fjord!

Pictures & text by Tess Hudson