Saturday, 31 December 2016

It was quite windy today and conditions at sea certainly could have been better - at several points during the tour we experienced hail and snow, but we didn't let that effect us in the least! We had to sail for quite a while before spotting a pod of 4 Humpback whales which we encountered near Hauganes, south of Hrísey island. They were very interactive and seemed not too bothered by our presence as they stayed around the surface for a long time before going on deeper dives - although they also dove for a long time in between breaths. The sea conditions by the end of the tour had calmed down a lot making the sailing back to shore smooth and enjoyable. We were happy to be out in Eyjafjord on this last day of 2016. We wish everyone a Happy New Year and may the fjord be as fruitful in the new year as it has been in the past!