Thursday, 8 December 2016

Photographs by Megan Whittaker

It was a drizzly day out in the fjord but still beautiful and not so much wind which was nice. Plenty of bird life and scenery to entertain us on the way out, namely; guillemots, eider ducks, glaucous gulls, iceland gulls, black-backed gulls but what was incredible to see were the very cute little auks. Almost never seen in the summer and just occasionally in the winter. There were a few in the fjord so it was nice to see them. The humpback whales were waiting for us near to Hjalteyri, their usual hanging out spot and it was interesting to see different individuals to what we have seen the past few weeks. We saw blows from at least 10 humpbacks but could only identify 2, ´Avalanche´ and ´Jackson´. Jackson was last encountered on the 23rd August so it was great to see him/her again after over 2 months. There were others but maybe new and ones we have to add to the catalog. Have to do some investigating to find out.