Saturday, 3 December 2016

  • Photographs by Megan Whittaker

A nice tour today, headed out at 13pm to see the Eyjafjord humpbacks.It was quite windy in the harbour but as it was coming in from the south it was still a nice sail out into the fjord. Temperature was high for this time of year 10C, we didn't even need to wear the overalls but they were useful for the ride home to protect from the splashes coming over the bow but move wanted to be inside the warm saloon at that time. The humpback whales were waiting for us in the usual spot, just east of Hjalteyri and again quite spread out, some close to the west coast and some on the east. In all the were at least 10 individuals in the area. Some of the regulars were still around; 'Max', 'Pepper' and 'Avalanche' were the main individuals we could recognize as the others were not lifting their flukes very high, very lazy whales around this afternoon. Another nice time with the Eyjafjord humpbacks.