Friday, 9 December 2016

It's getting darker now in the fjord and the sun will not appear again for at least another month. Photographing the whales has become more difficult unless you have a good camera and lens that can work with the limited light. However, the first day in a while where the sea was like a mirror, reflecting the snow-covered mountains at it's surface. It was not raining either, which made being outside more comfortable, where you really want to be to enjoy the incredible scenery and life Eyjafjörður has to offer. The Eyjafjord Humpbacks were a little further today, past Hjalteyri and south of Hauganes, there was plenty there at least between 7 - 10 that could be counted without the use of binoculars, just the naked eye. They were mostly scattered, just one pair that proved to be 'King Louis' and 'Porthos' that have been good companions for a while now. Others we saw included 'Avalanche', 'Pepper' and 'Cosmo' the others were difficult to identify from a distance or just new individuals to add to our catalog. Akureyri is still proving to be the place to be for winter whale watching, very excited to see what the rest of the winter has in store for us.

- Photographs and text by Megan Whittaker