Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Woooooow. First tour this year when I felt like taking pictures is simply not enough! A cold morning in Akureyri greeted us with ice in the harbor - slowly crushing through the ice we begun the tour as usual. It was barely said that we move around the longest Fjord in Iceland and it might take a while before we see something - when 2 Northern bottlenose whales poped up right in font of us! Amazing and heartbreaking view - as the couple was unbelievably skinny. An incredible encounter as the animals seemed calm and they were surfacing water very often. All of the sudden they started moving towards us and end up just meters away on the side of the boat . We stayed with them not more than 20 min when in the distance of about 700 meters away from us we’ve noticed a blow of a Humpback whale! As we got closer it turned out to be not one but 3 of them!! a stunning view to see them moving almost synchronically. We’ve been observing them feeding when northern bottlenose whales came back again and we had amazing show of two species on both sides of the boat - Humpback whales on the side and northern bottlenose whales a bit further away. This was one of our best tours with northern bottlenose whales for sure. Unforgettable!

Pictures and Text: Ania Wójcik