Thursday, 19 July 2018

Today was a good day for whale watching here in our fjord, we sailed all the way to Hrísey were we encountered a humpback whale in the morning tour, and had such a nice time with that whale. Later today we sailed out again and close to Grenivík we had a nice time with a pod of up to 40 White-Beaked Dolphins, they were as playful as ever when they came up, and close to Hrólfssker we encountered four humpback whale, one of them breached next to our boat giving us a great show. Successful day here in the fjord today with the amazing giant whales.

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Today the conditions for whale watching was perfect, the sun was shining and the sea state was flat, and that gave us enjoyable boat ride out the fjord. In the morning tour we encountered two humpback whales and later in the day a singular humpback whale. One individual that is new to us and one we know by the name Max. Today we had to travel quite far out to find the whales, all the way close to Hrísey. But once we found them they showed us a great time. Amazing day here in the fjord with the whales!

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir

Tuesday 17th July 2018

Today we had perfect conditions for whalewatching. The sea was flat like a mirror and the sun has been shining during the whole day. In all of our trips we have found many different humpback whales, either traveling, socializing or feeding. The highlight was definitely our morning tour when we spent over 30 minutes with our engines off next to a resting humpback whale. We were also delighted to see Moonshine again, so it was not only the sun, but also the humpback whales shining for us today.  In our midnight tour we could even see white-beaked dolphins feeding! We love it when the sun is shining.

Text by Babsi Neubarth and pictures by Liza Roger and Babsi

Monday, 16 July 2018

Today we sailed out on a windy and cold summer morning, our warm and comfortable overalls, heated saloon and hot drinks available on board were highly appreciated on the way out the fjord. Close to Grenivík we noticed a blow coming from underneath the water and where we had a great time with a Humpback whale, one who was very active coming up often close to our boat and showing us tail slap. Another great day in the fjord with the amazing giants.  

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir


Sunday, 15 July 2018

Today was a day for close encounters, not only did the whales come beautifully close to our vessels as they were busy feeding but the whales were located very close to the harbour! So it only took us about 10 minutes to find the whales today, which meant we could spend longer with these fascinating animals. We had three humpbacks all travelling and feeding together coming up to the surface with their mouths full of water and food, which was just awesome to watch. The weather was also beautifully sunny and warm and therefore a splendid day to be out at sea. 

Pictures and text by Tess Hudson


Saturday, 14 July 2018

Last nights rain stayed throughout the morning in the fjord, but it got sunnier tour by tour with only a little wind. Luckily we did not have to sail as far as yesterday to find our humpback whales. Two of them were swimming around Grenivik and we could watch them surfacing many times, sometimes together and sometimes apart. On the afternoon tour we were also surprised by a pod of 12-15 white-beaked dolphins, a rare sight in our fjord. What a joy it was to observe them likely hunting and watching these cute calves surfacing next to their mothers. A really good day in the fjord which makes us look forward towards the next tours.

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth

Friday, 13 July 2018

The day started with quiet seas, a couple of rain drops and then sunshine... pleasant conditions for boating and great whale watching conditions on the fjord. The whales were rather far from Akureyri both in the morning and in the afternoon so a certain amount of patience was required from all but the weather and view made up for it. We eventually found a few humpback whales between Hjalteyri and Hrisey. They were all taking advantage of the stillness and have a well deserved nap! Whales can feed up to 22h a day so they definitely deserve a nap every now and then. On the afternoon trip, we found a pair of whale that were most likely a mother and its young/teenager (most likely). The mother appeared to be showing him/her the ropes. Duck-diving, coming up to the surface for a couple of breaths and then going back down again for 7 to 10 min. The dives were slightly longer than the usual average but then again, they weren't in the usual area and a pair of this nature is not often spotted here. On the way back from both the morning and afternoon tour, northern bottlenose whales were spotted (only briefly on the afternoon tour) and a minke whale seen also close the Akureyri harbour. The day was rather peaceful on the fjord but the rain caught up with us in the harbour later afternoon.. 

Photos and text by Liza Roger.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

The day started with a very unexpected warm morning, almost giving the impression of a real summer, with over 15 degrees! And we had such pleasant trips sailing out in the calm waters of the fjords. For being in Iceland I must admit that we can not complain, we really got the best weather conditions we could desire! The humpback whales around us then created the perfect and magical atmosphere we look for in all our whale watching tours. A total of three humpback whales have been seen on our tours today, showing a lot of confidence, surfacing often very close to the boat. Our passengers could get amazing shots of the whales, in particular of their beautiful flukes, and some of them tried to compare their pictures with the ones present in our catalogue, with all the humpback whales seen in the fjord in the last 3 years. It is not always easy or possible to find a match, but they made it, and it was one of our passenger today that found out that one of the whales we saw was "Roquefort", an old friend from the last summer season!:)

Text and pictures by Annalisa Sambolino

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

We sailed out with a lot of wind but despite of that the water in the fjord was very calm. The whales were a lot closer to us today then the past week, so we only had to sail for half an hour. During the tours we saw three humpback whales, one of which is named Jubilee.
We have seen Jubilee more often over the past three years and this whale has already spend some time in the fjord with us.
We also saw an individual that was very small, so perhaps this is a very a small juvenile or even a calf waiting for its mum to come back.
The humpback whales were behaving a bit tricky today, diving long and only surfacing for short moments.

Text Anouk de Plaa pictures Annalisa Sambolino

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

We had a strong wind blowing on us in today's tour, our nice warm overalls, heated salon and hot drinks available on the boat were highly appreciated  That did not bother our amazing whales in the fjord as they were active and fun to watch. Our big boat saw two humpback whales today and had a lovely time with them. Our rib boat went out this morning and saw two other a bit further out. Always amazing to spend time with our favorite giants. 

Text by Anna Gunnarsdóttir and pictures by Liza Roger and Babsi Neubarth

Monday, 9 July 2018

The theme of the day was wind, but with the sun shining everything is easier! The whales have been congregating north of Hrìsey the last few days and today was the same. So it took us some time to get to them but once we did the show was on!  We spotted five humpback whales, two pairs and one solo swimmer. All the whales appeared to be swimming southwards. Lovely morning with peaceful encounters. The afternoon was slightly windier and only one humpback whale was spotted but it was tail slapping the surface of the water. All the whales seen today are new to the fjord so we need new names. Inbox us with your suggestions. Some passengers suggested The Breach Brother - John and Dan (after The Blues Brothers). The sail back took a while also as we were heading into the strong southern wind and hitting the crest of some big waves. All safe was on dry land and ready for some more whale adventures!

Text and photos by Liza Roger

Sunday, 8 July 2018

The day started with some perfect whale watching conditions: a small seabreeze, a few clouds and some sunshine. We spotted our first humpback whale just after Hjalteyri. Most likely a juvenile since it was a rather small whale. We soon spotted another humpback whale close by, larger this time. This second whale started tail slapping while rolled on its back... spectacular! We topped off the tour with a very close encounter with this same whale. It sent us on our way with a lovely dive showing the fluke. The afternoon tour had slightly colder conditions because the wind had picked up. The first encounter was made of a pod of northern bottlenose whales. This pod has been in and out of the fjord for the last couple of weeks, and always creates a fair bit of a commotion when spotted! The last pod of whales of that species to visit the fjord was six years ago! After that we headed further north where we were pretty much surrounded by whales. Between six and seven humpback whales were around the ship, within a 2 km radius. We also spotted a minke whale with some unusual moves on the way back which was a great way to finish the tour. Once again, the whales of Eyjafjordur put on a good show for us!

Text and photos by Liza Roger

Saturday, 7 June 2018

Another day of crazy Icelandic weather today! Rain, sun, clouds, than sun again and rain another time. Strong wind for few hours and than calm sea again. All the elements seem to get crazy, but nothing would discourage us from sailing outside and finding our beautiful humpbacks! In these days they seem to prefer the area around Hrisey, so the the trips have been a bit longer than usual, but the reward was there, and it has been incredible! Once we got in the area over 10 whales were around us, diving and coming at the surface with regular intervals, clearly feeding all around. And surprise surprise, today we also got blessed to find a mummy with her calf, swimming and diving side by side. They finally arrived after a long migration from the their breeding grounds, probably in the Caribbean Sea or in the area around Cape Verde, and we couldn't be happier with giving them a big welcome to Iceland.


Text and pictures by Annalisa Sambolino

Friday, 6 July 2018

We sailed out with sunny and calm conditions during the morning but during the afternoon the wind picked up a bit causing high and long swells. After about 20 minutes sailing we encountered a Minke whale. This is a smaller type of baleen whale that we encounter regularly in the fjord, they tend to be quite shy and move away quickly. The Minke whale that we encountered today was quite calm surfacing close to the boat multiple times.
After this encounter we had to sail out quite far, almost to the island Hrisey until we encountered a humpback whale. The animal seemed to be resting, drifting just below the surface and moving very slowly. In the afternoon we encountered Jackson a humpback whale we know very well. First Jackson was travelling but after a while it changed it behaviour and seemed to be feeding. During all tours we saw large flocks of Artic terns feeding on the fish in the Fjord.

Text and pictures by Anouk de Plaa


Thursday, 5 July 2018

Today for sure was not the easiest and driest day of this season, but we also like a bit of thrilling adventure by time to time! Anyway, all our passengers were very well equipped and ready for the Icelandic weather with our warm overalls and even raincoats on top of them. Whales of course don't mind the bad weather, and 3 humpback whales showed up not far from Hjalteyri, and stayed in the area all day, probably feeding as they use to. One of them also gave us an amazing show breaching out of the water for many times in the morning. But highlight of the day was also a tiny and cute puffin that we spotted flying on the surface on the water, a rare sighting in our fjord!


Text by Annalisa Sambolino, Pictures by Liza Roger

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

By now it is common knowledge in Iceland that this summer has not been as warm as the last two ones. Hence we are still making good use of our overalls that we borrow for free to our passengers. The sky stayed dry and wrapped up warm we searched the fjord for cetaceans and were lucky on every tour. At least 4 humpback whales and sometimes even the northern bottlenose whales were encountered. We were especially happy to meet Giljagaur again, one of our favorites from last year. Welcome back Giljagaur and hello to all future passengers and cetaceans.

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

It was a beautiful sunny day as we headed out into the fjord, the sea was flat and calm and we had only the slightest of breezes. We managed to find a few whales of today´s tours, all of which were very preoccupied with feeding and filling their bellies full of food and often going for long dives. Throughout the day we got to see some pretty cool behavior´s such as pec slapping, tail slapping and tail lobbing and also the beautiful Arctic terns. A wonderful day to be out on the water. 

Pictures and text by Tess Hudson

Monday, 2 July 2018

Today in the morning we had very good conditions for whale watching, as we had very flat seas. It looked like a mirror! We found four different humpback whales off Hjalteyri lounge feeding all the time. In the afternoon the wind was picking up a little bit but we still managed to see again four humpback whales as well as two minke whales, one of them even breaching from the distance. We love whale watching!

Text by Albert Camara; Pictures by Annalisa Sambolino

Sunday, 1 July 2018

It was a beautiful day in Eyjafjordur, there was almost no wind and during the afternoon the sun came out in full strength. It was a busy day in the fjord with several humpbacks whales close to the old herring factory Hjalteri, at least one Minke whale and a group of northern bottlenose whales. We were very happy to see the northern bottlenose whales are still in the fjord. Especially the passengers on the rib boat were able to observe this group of whales closely. They are quite special visitors and not a species that we would quickly expect to see in our fjord, since these animals tend to live in the open waters far offshore.
The humpback whales were showing different types of behaviour, feeding, travelling and resting. A number of times the whales surfaced very close to the boat, to the passengers delight and  surprise.

Text by Anouk de Plaa and pictures by Tess Hudson

Saturday, 30 June 2018

A rainy but whatastic day! On our morning tours we saw four different humpback whales. Jackson,  one of our favorite whales entertained us with some beautiful pec slapping and rolling, which was just magical to watch especially as it was just meters from the boat! We put our awesome long rain coats to very good use and they kept everyone dry and warm. On our afternoon tours we were delighted with some lovely surfacing´s so close to the boat. A wet but a whale filled day! 

Text by Tess Hudson and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdottir