Thursday, 23 November 2017

The storm is still keeping the whole of Iceland on their toes as well as the area around Eyjafjördur. Nevertheless we had very eager Vikings and so we decided to give it a try and go out. Snow was falling constantly and the visibility was rather limited, however this did not stop us to find our first humpback whale after about an hour of sailing. We got a few nice looks, but since the whale did dive for many minutes we decided to go further out and made it all the way to Hjalteryi before we had to turn around. On one occasion we had spotted another humpback whale but could not find it again. Many passengers stayed outside for almost the whole tour and were rewarded when all of a sudden the humpback whale Harley Dafinson popped up in front of us not far from the harbor. We were of course super happy to see it and everybody could enjoy good looks of its fin and fluke. A very nice ending to a bit bumpy tour.

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth

Sunday, 19 November 2017

We went out on one special tour at 9 o’clock today in the morning and had a lovely sunrise tour with freshly fallen snow. Like a soft blanket the snow had covered the surroundings of Eyjafjördur. Our ticket office and Holmasol. It truly created a special atmosphere that seemed to have translated onto the whales. One minke whale and approx. 10 humpback whales were seen close by and from the distance. At the beginning the whales were diving for long times so it was a bit difficult at first to get up close and personal, but at the end patience paid off and we got really close and nice looks of these gorgeous cetaceans. Manu, Jackson, Tough Pella, Miso and possibly Bad ‘Awesome’ Fluker could be seen close enough so that we could identify them. All of that in front of a fantastic scenery highlighted by pink sunrise accents.

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Today we were very happy to welcome these incomparable mirror like seas back in the fjord. It meant almost no wind and a very smooth ride on our boat Holmasol. Food must be still around a plenty because we had a three species tour! Starting off with a minke whale we then found seven humpback whales, another minke and finished with a large pod of harbour porpoises. Many well-known flukes were raised high above the sea surface. Miso, Harley, Humpy McHumpface, Tough Pella, Jackson and one individual which was quite lazy today, not showing the fluke. Our absolute highlight was our mini reunion with Jackson. We had not seen Jackson for a while, so we were extremely pleased to see it again and so it seemed at least the humpback whale, too. All of a sudden it turned around and approached us to take a stroll around the front of our boat. This is when whale watching becomes really special, when it is not only you who is watching the whale, but also the whale seems to be watching you.

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

A freezing wind did blow in the fjord today, but the sun and our cozy overalls helped us battelingl the chill and so we went out on a tour in search of cetaceans. Soon our search proofed to be fruitful in roughly the same area where we had seen the whales yesterday. A total of four humpback whales were busy feeding individually a bit scattered in an area of a few kilometers. Of course Pepper, Miso and Tough Pella could be observed next to one of the black flukes we encountered the day before. Even though it was very cold, everybody on board was happy to go out and watch these magnificent giants of the sea in their natural habitat.

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth

Monday, 13 November 2017

After a windy night we sailed out with still some winds blowing from the South West. Still the fjord provided us with enough shelter to go out on one whale watching tour under a cloudy, but dry sky. This tour really felt like the tour of dark flukes since we encountered five humpback whales with mainly dark colorations on their underside of the fluke. They surfaced many times and were very active feeding. Of course Pepper, Miso and Tough Pella were part of the whale party we got to enjoy today. Again a successful day in Eyjafjördur.

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth

Saturday, 11 November 2017

We had a great day at sea today and so much activity in the nature today. Soon in our tour we started encountering humpbacks. 
There were at least 9 individuals that we encountered today, several of those we consider our friends and we could identify.  The ones we could identify were Dexy, Tough Pella, Harley Dafinson, Miso, Lopapeysa and Athos. There were at least two whales that we have not named yet. 
There was such a great activity with those whales that you could turn in almost every direction and spot a humpback, some of them very close and others in the distance.

After having had a blast with the humpbacks we got word of White beaked dolphins a little bit further out in the fjord and took to that direction. 
We had a fantastic encounter with the dolphins, they were very playful and came very close to the boat as you can see in the pictures.
This was actually our first encounter with the dolphins in Eyjafjörður since May 2017.

Text by Halla Lúthersdóttir, photos by Babsi Neubarth.

Friday, 10 November 2017

We sailed out on a perfect Icelandic winter day, cold, sunny and still. Our first encounter was with the humpback Pepper and we had quite a good sighting of it. 
We sailed a little bit further out and on our way towards Hjalteyri we spotted the humpback Miso and it surfaced several times before we sailed along the coast. Just as we were very close to Hjalteyri we encountered Tough Pella which is also a humpback.

As we were slowly heading back we met Pepper and Miso again and had very good sightings of the two of them. Then we got disturbed by a Minke whale who showed itself fairly well. 

All in all a very nice tour in lovely weather.

Text by Halla Lúthersdóttir, photos by Babsi Neubarth

Thursday, 09 November, 2017

Whale watching under a winter sun was the theme of today’s afternoon tour. We sailed towards the area around Hjalteryi and got to spend quality time with a total of three humpback whales. Pepper, Miso and Though Phella were still or again feeding. It is truly fascinating to see that Pepper and Miso have been in the same area for almost four weeks now. Must be some good food and a good place to store energy before heading on the long migration down South. If it would be up to us of course we wouldn’t mind if Pepper, Miso and company would stay for many more weeks. Let’s see what November will bring.

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Soft snowflakes falling from the sky greeted us today out on a calm sea. Of course it was cold, but the overalls and a hit drink in hand made it possible for our passengers to stay outside for most of the tour and enjoy a true humpback whale show. Five individuals had made their way past Hjalteryi and were busy feeding independently. We saw Pepper, Miso, Max, Harley Dafinson and Tough Phella sometimes very close and sometimes a bit in the distance. Harley took us totally by surprise when it tail slapped all of a sudden. Seems to be happy whales here in the fjord which of course results in happy passengers and happy crew!

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth

Monday, 06 November 2017

Text by Halla Lúthersdóttir photographs by Megan Whittaker

We sailed out in very nice weather after the storm that hit us last night. We started by having an encounter with one of our friends, the humpback Harley Dafinson and a little later the individual Miso with very good sightings.  After having seeing these quite a few times we got distracted by Orca for the second time this year. The last time was in late September so this is quite rare and the crew as well as the passengers got very excited. The Orca were very close to the boat so we got great pictures as you can see. We left these to travel south and visited the humpback whales again. We went further north to see if other humpbacks around but instead found a minke whale that showed itself fairly very well. On the way home we encountered  Miso surfaced again. 

All in all this was a great tour and this rare sighting of Orca of course made it exceptional. 

Sunday, 05 November 2017

Text and Photographs by Megan Whittaker

The morning started by clearing as much snow of the boat as possible. A hard task as there was a lot of snow.  We sailed out with few passengers but luckily the whales were still there to entertain. Roughly in the same area on the east coast opposite Hörgárdalur.  5 humpback whales were encountered feasting on the plentiful food available and they were all separated today , enjoying some alone times, roughly a few 100m to 1-2 km apart. First was Harley Dafinson, then Miso and Tough Pella, both roughly in the same area with a few 100m apart. Then Max further to the west and lastly Pepper. Awesome to see they were still around and hopefully they will stay here for a while. It was very windy and the snow was flying into our eyes on the way back and when heading south to the whales, the storm was coming and so we ended our tour a bit earlier than usual. Still an amazing tour! so beautiful with the sun shining than the stunning snow covered scenery.

Friday, 03 November 2017

Text and Photographs by Megan Whittaker

The first snow fall in the town this season, with a crisp air it was cold and windy but extremely beautiful. We had a nice smooth ride in the narrow well sheltered fjord and once again did not need to go far. Miso the humpback was the first to be found after about 30 minutes sailing, Miso is a easily recognisable fluke, completely black with few white scars. Then another 5km further north, same individual as yesterday but with no name yet. Harley Dafinson and an individual with very bad propellor scars we have now named ´Tough Pella´ were still together obviously enjoying each others company and Max was the last and 5th humpback whale to encounter just south of Hjalteyri. Max is a November whale seen also here last year. Winter has definitely arrived in Akureyri. So if you came to Iceland to see some snow and whales, get up here to Akureyri.

Thursday, 02 November 2017

Text and Photographs by Megan Whittaker

It was a very blustery day that seemed to fluctuated in wind strength in the fjord throughout the day. We wrapped up warm and headed out. It was not long until we saw the first blows, just 20 minutes after leaving the harbour, just north of the small village of Svalbardseyri. It has been months since the whales were this far into the fjord and there seemed to be plenty of food available for them. Krill being the food attracting them here at the moment. Just in the first hour we saw a pair and two solitary humpback whales. Four in total including the individuals ´Harley Davfinson´and ´Miso´and an individual that had obviously been in an accident with a boat propellor, it had huge indentations in the body behind the dorsal. The other is still yet to be identified.  The scenery was beautiful and we were even at the end of a vibrant rainbow for the majority of the tour.