Sunday, 25th February 2018

Today we sailed out the fjord on our 1 o‘clock tour ready to search for cetaceans. The weather was nice plus five degree Celsius with little wind. The use of our warm overalls were good to keep us warm as we sailed out the fjord. North of Hjalteyri we had quite the surprice with a big pod of White-Beaked Dolphins about fifty of them all around our boat. They were active and playful, breaching and tail slapping all around us. It was a joy seeing these cetaceans and with them we had a nice time. Further out close to Grenivík we saw two spouts coming out of the water and there we encountered Perla and Ethan and had a nice time with them. They were active as well coming up regularly and showing us a great time. Another amazing day here in the fjord with our giant creatures here in our fjord today.

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir