Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Pockets of blue sky around the fjord and perfectly flat seas, made for perfect spotting conditions and a very enjoyable sail this afternoon. These conditions allowed us to travel further than in previous tours, reaching the opening of Ólafsfjörður. A minke whale had been seen in the area a few days ago and there were reports of a whale today, by another tour company. We searched the location near the mouth of the fjord for some time and the minke whale was then spotted moving very quickly. The whale was proving to be very hard to watch as it surfaced some distance away from the area it was first seen, appearing just once before disappearing again. We waited for some time and unfortunately did not see the whale again. Conditions were perfect and with two boats searching, we were confident we would have spotted the animal if it surfaced again. Due to the speed it was moving and that it did not surface often, it's likely it was passing through the area. The search continued towards Akureyri, but no more cetaceans were seen. Complimentary tickets were issued as the whale was very elusive.