Monday, 25 December 2017

A good way to start the Christmas day is going out whale watching. Today we went out at a special tour at our 11 o‘clock boat ride. A freezing wind blew, but our warm overalls kept us warm and cozy. The sea condition was a bit rough at the beginning but got better when we were a bit further out. The view in Eyjafjörður was surely beautiful with snow covering the mountains and everything felt like Christmas. We had to sail quite far to see our first humpback whale and we stayed there  for a while, until it was time to head back to Akureyri. On our way back near Hjalteyri we encountered two other humpback whales very close to the boat, showing us their fluke and dorsal fin. Yet another nice and a successful day in Eyjafjörður.

Text and Picture by Anna Gunnarsdóttir