Friday, 2 September 2016

The Sun woke up Akureyri bringing a good mood to start the weekend. The fjord was like a mirror flat and a very little fresh wind was caressing our faces in the sail out. Humpback whales were very relaxed during the whole day, conditions were perfect to spot the animals and listen to them. At once four individuals were resting together coming up to breath and going down for a dive at the same time. Some of them have been in the fjord for a while like “Arnar” with some other new visitors that Chalie is uploading the Humpback Catalogue. #lasjorobadasdeEyjafjörður

  • Alejandro García

  • Pictures: Chales Frank Levin

Aurora Activity: 4/9
Weather: S 5 m/s, 10°C
Cloud cover: Partially cloudy
Moon: New moon 1%