Thursday, 1 September 2016

Today we were incredibly lucky to have the beautiful warming Icelandic sun shining down on us all day. There was only a slight breeze and the sea almost flat. The whales seemed to be far out in the fjord today so we had to travel for quite some time to see them however, they did not disappoint! On the morning tour a minke whale was spotted surfacing very quickly but as we waited for it to surface a humpback whale surfaced only a short distance away so it was decided to have a better look at this individual as it was surfacing far more regularly.  This animal surfaced multiple times so we were all able to get a fantastic look at this animal. On our journey back to harbour two more humpback whales were spotted but these animals were being very elusive so we didn't linger too long to watch them. On the afternoon tour a grand total of 5 humpback whales were spotted. As we arrived to the area we spotted a blow in the distance and once closer watched this animal surface multiple times. However, this animal seemed to be resting so we decided to leave it just as a few large blows were spotted in the near distance. On heading towards these animals we discovered not one, or two but three humpback whales surfacing together in a row! It was really incredible to watch these majestic animal as they went for deep dives one after the other, in order from left to right! They did this multiple times and always in the same order even if they had changed location and direction. Such fantastic day out on the water!

- Tess Hudson

Aurora Activity: 4/9
Weather: S-E 2 m/s, 7°C
Cloud cover: Minimal to none
Moon: New Moon 0%

Sightings: Strong lights seen over Akureyri and Eyjafjord



The day has finally arrived! Our Northern Lights Cruises will start this evening and depart everyday in September at 22:00 (10pm) from the floating pier behind HOF Culture and Information centre.

The 1,5-2,5 hr. cruise is an enjoyable journey into Eyjafjörður, that transforms into a mysterious place at night. This is a great way to experience the Northern Lights, away from the city lights, while you enjoy a comfortable ride on board our ship. Whether you choose to stay inside free of the cold weather, or wrap up in one of our warm overalls and stay outside on the look-out for the lights up above, you are guaranteed an enjoyable cruise.

Included in the tour is excellent guidance, use of warm overalls, blankets and rain jackets and free on board WiFi. Inside we have a saloon and a cafeteria where light refreshments and beverages of all kinds can be purchased.

We look forward to welcoming you on board the first cruise of the season!

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