Friday, 26 August 2016

Light rain woke up Akureyri living us the chance to use the hoodies of the jackets and overalls. Luckily it was not wind so the sail out of the fjord was nice as always, beautiful mountains turning into brown in some patches, Autumn is about to come soon. The humpback whales were mainly close the Hrísey. About 10 or 12 individual were hanging around very relax, some of them sleeping. We could see from one animal by its own, to groups of three and two individuals swimming together. Beautiful day to enjoy the sound of the animals while they were breathing. One of the humpback whales in the last tour did a tail slap again the water a couple of times before it went for a deep dive, I guess not all of them are sleeping at the same time. Looking forward to go again tomorrow to see these amazing animals.

  • Alejandro García