Saturday, 17 September 2016

There was a little rain today as we sailed out into the fjord but this did not bother us too much as the water was perfectly flat with little to no wind, which made excellent sailing. We didn't have to wait long at all too see the whales today. Spotting our first blows in the distance we could see that there were 5 individual humpback whales all travelling together and yet another whale further out in the distance! As there were already a few boats around the five humpback whales we decided to check out the loan humpie which turned of to be "Fjall" one of our regular whales. While watching this animal we turned our engines off and enjoyed the peacefulness of the quiet fjord. Fjall surfaced many times just several meters away, while we just floated in place, the whale came so close a few times we could even see the red parasites attached to its back and sides! It was incredible to watch but so as not to disturb this animal too much we left and checked out the herring factory, dive centre and rotten shark sheds in Hjalteyri which you can see from the water. As the other boats had left we got our chance to see the five humpback whales a bit closer too. On the afternoon tour one of our regulars "Montague" was spotted really close to Akureyri, which is always a lovely surprise. Harbour porpoises also joined the foray of whales which made a wonderful addition to whale filled day!

  • Tess Hudson

  • Pictures by Tess Hudson