Friday, 16 September 2016

h boy, what a day ! Sailing in Eyjafjörður felt like sailing on a lake ! The water was perfectly still, we were warmed up by the sun, and the proximity of the mountains produced nice green and brown reflections on the water surface. We went whale watching in the morning on board of Hafsulan, and in the afternoon we went on one of our RIB boat Solfar, and both were a blast ! There was so many humpbacks whales ! We had several groups of 2-3 individuals, and a larger group of 5 ! Most of them we reckonized as buddies we identified through the whole summer. It is possible that some groups merged, as on the RIB boat we could witness 6 of those humpbacks going down for a deep dive together, less than 50m from us. It was brilliant, a concerto of blows then 6 tail flukes rising up in the air with energy before smoothly sinking ! After such a blissful day, what's only left is the urge to go back there ASAP !

  • Guillaume Calcagni
  • Picture by Guillaume Calcagni