Friday, 19 August 2016

Another beautiful day in Eyjafjörður, some clouds in the sky and the sun heating us up. There was no wind in the morning; we could hear every sound in the fjord, from the breath of the whales to the drops of the water falling from their flukes. The started of the day could not be better; we spotted the first humpback whale in the harbour. We could even see it from the office. As usual more individuals were around Hjalteyri very relaxed, showing the flukes before to go for a deep dive. The wind started to pick up a bit making the sailing more interesting and giving us some waves in the way out of the fjord. While we were enjoying at least 3 humpback whales around 300 meters, we spotted a big splash in the horizon. At the beginning we thought it could be a whitecap from a wave but then we saw it again so we decided to get closer to check it out and it turned up to be a humpback whale breaching completely out of the water. The animal was making a completely display of jumps bringing the whole body above the surface, tail slapping, flipper slapping, head slapping and even raised the fluke as if to go for a dive but instead lifted its body out the water vertically, it was just AMAZING! We all agreed it was simply joy what it was doing. Very nice way to finish a great day!

Alejandro García