Saturday, 20 August 2016

The fjord woke up with very cloudy surroundings but also very calm water. The sea conditions could have not been better!. After an hour of sailing we found our beloved humpback whales. We saw a couple of them on both trips on Hafsulan (our biggest boat in Akureyri). Both travelling together and doing some deep dives leaving the audience in awe. Something spectacular to witness indeed. They are new individuals to us. We haven´t got a name for them yet. I also don´t forget the close up look at the minke whale on the first tour!. Lovely and peaceful animal too. Also the rib boats got to see a few more individuals a bit further out. Some of those we know of. For example, Fjall (in the picture). The picture attached was taken by Atli Gunnarsson. One of our captains! good job! Amazing tours today!

  • Jorge Pascual