Friday, 5 August 2016

Another sunny and peaceful day today on the fiord. The waters were surprisingly crowded today, with a few harbour porpoises and loads of humpback whales swimming al around the fiord - almost even at the very first beginning of the fiord, at the doors of Akureyri! Each time we headed to the sea we were rewarded by more than 10 blows of different individuals, and were able to track at least 4-5 of them. In fact we had spectacular encounters with the last weeks regulars of the bay: Nonni, 50 shades of black, and our beautiful new couple of humpbacks Tequila Blanca and Guillemot (possibly an old male and a young female respectively). Nonetheless, the best encounter of the day was a minke whale, almost at the entrance of the harbour of Akureyri, which was lunge feeding on the area. The animal left us with an impressive view of the baleen plates hanging from the jaw, as it was approaching the surface with the mouth wide open! The midnight tour was stunning! Incredible sunset with pink, red and orange colours over the sky. Not bad while watching humpbacks feeding all around us.

-Alberto and Sigurlaug