Thursday, 4 August 2016

We went out into the Eyjafjörður this morning, hoping that the day would be as splendid and exciting an usual in this beautiful fjord, but we didn't know the surprises that our beloved humpback whales were going to provide us during the day. We saw several of our friends, Guillemot, Frankenstein and Tequila Blanca, and this one was breaching for a few times in the last RIB boat of the day. Nonetheless, the best encounter was waiting for us on the midnight tour, when one of our new guests in the fjord, Fjall, breached more than 25 times during almost all the duration of the tour. It was really beautiful to see a pattern in the behaviour of the animal, since it was breathing for just a 4-5 times in a row, then going for a deep dive, and then breaching once, sometimes twice! It's amazing how this cetaceans manage to surprise us in a different way each new day!

  • Alberto Alejandro