Thursday, 8 August 2016

Akureyri woke up overcast in the morning and Pollurinn (the interior of the harbour) looked like a mirror, completely flat, so it was the same along the whole fjord during the morning. The Humpback whales were very relax during the morning; we could see a pair which were swimming side by side during the whole tour, coming up at the surface to breath and going down for a dive at the same time; one of them was much larger than the other, so it could be the possibility of being mother and calf. The afternoon brought the rain but that didn’t stop us to go again and take a look at the Humpback again, and for sure it was worth it. A Humpback whale was breaching for about 45 minutes with consistent breaths, head slapping and flipper slapping. At the same time, another Humpback whale breached few times too in the other side of the fjord; it was amazing afternoon in Eyjafjörður.

  • Alejandro García

  • Pictures: Charlie F. Levin